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Delivery & Shipping

Safe Delivery

Times have changed and above all we want to ensure the safety of all our users. Above all, we want you to prioritise your own health.

We advise all our users to stay up to date with the most recent HSE guidelines which are linked here.

Our team is working remotely and we're here to support you. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any more questions about using DoGood at this time.

Delivery Options

Product delivery is set by our sellers, so please check to ensure you are happy with the delivery method before purchasing. 

Live Chat

It’s now super easy to arrange a local meet up with your seller. After your purchase, make contact directly with your seller through our live chat function. 

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Issues & Concerns

We hope you have a smooth process when using our site. However, if you do have an issue or concern relating to the delivery of your product please follow the following guidelines


Estimated delivery times are the number of working days* it takes for you to receive your item from a seller. This can be affected by several factors and can sometimes be unavoidable. With recent events, delivery times have been delayed for many items so we ask that you first contact your seller for an updated delivery time before requesting a refund.

*Working days are Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

If you do not receive your item and you cannot find an alternative solution with your seller, you can request a refund for your order. If this is requested within 14 days of your purchase, you are guaranteed a full refund. If your request is reasonable many of our sellers offer longer refund periods. However, outside of 14 days you should get in contact with your seller to arrange a refund. To find out more about returning goods you have received click here.

Difficulties with arranging a local meet-up:

To ensure your payment is protected we advise our users should have arranged a meet-up within 2 days of purchasing an item and you should have received your item within a maximum of 7 days. This is so you in case you require a refund for your item. If your seller is unwilling to drop-off your item within 7 days you should treat this as suspicious and request a refund. To provide peace of mind to our users when dealing with private sellers, DoGood will protect your payment for 14 days after you place your order. To find out more about our refund policy click here.

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Give your customers more flexibility by adding a shipping option. You can adjust this anytime from the settings

You control how you wish to ship your items

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