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Selling on DoGood

Anyone can sell on DoGood, whether you are a business owner or an individual. The more people that join our community the better. To find out more about selling on DoGood click here, or to see how we cater especially for local business owners click here. If you have any other queries about selling on DoGood, we’d love to hear from you. You can reach us through through this link.

Yes you can. In fact that’s what the majority of our individual sellers do, just make sure it is clear in your description that your item is second hand. Selling your second hand items with us is a win-win, you earn some money from things you don’t need anymore and you’re supporting a great cause in the process. Plus, buyers are more likely to purchase from you when they know you’re donating to charity.

While we put a lot of work into this site so that we could raise funds for some great causes, we believe you should be able to decide how much you want to donate. You can donate from 10 to 100% of your sale. But remember, this will be visible with your product and the higher the donation, the more likely your product will sell.

Yes, we offer both our individual and business sellers their individual store page at no extra cost. This will be your home on our site and all your products will be listed here, in addition to our main shop page. So, if a customer likes what they get they can visit your dedicated store page to see your other products.

We’ve designed your store pages to include a ‘follow’ option for your customers. When a customer likes your products they can follow your store. With this they will receive updates when you upload a new product or you can post announcements to keep in touch with them. This is great for building brand loyalty.

We believe social media should be a tool to drive sales and not just for engagement. That’s why when you list an item you can easily share this item on your social media. Enabling your followers to easily purchase your products with a simple swipe up link. In fact, this has been shown to hugely increase conversion rates, removing barriers and increasing your sales.

After a sale your funds will be deposited in your DoGood account. Following our 14-day return period you can then withdraw these funds whenever you like. To withdraw your funds go to the withdraw tab, which can be found in your vendor dashboard or by following this link. From here, enter your PayPal email and the amount you wish to withdraw and we’ll do the rest. If you don’t have a PayPal account, it’s free to sign up and you can do that here. Funds are usually transferred within 3-14 days.

Shopping On DoGood

The more established marketplaces make their money by charging large commission rates on each sale. DoGood has simply removed this large commission rate, instead we ask our users to donate some of their profits to charity. This is why we can offer our products at similar or even cheaper prices and we ask simply ask our sellers to donate some of what they would have paid to charity. Why support large multinationals when you can support local charities?

DoGood is a fundraiser set up and ran by U.C.C. Surgeon Noonan Project. 100% of the funds go towards providing basic medical equipment to severely underfunded hospitals in Sub-Saharan Africa now struggling to fight Covid-19. When you support us, all your money goes right to where it is needed. There’s no big CEO’s here, all our members are volunteers doing it because they believe this is worthy cause.To find out more about how much this money means to those hospitals click here. We are also looking to expand so that more charities can benefit from the site, if you think you know a charity who would like to be a part of this, get in touch with us here.

We pride ourselves in being 100% transparent. This is why we have a dedicated Accountability Officer who follows up with our partner hospitals to ensure the funds you raised are being put to good use. To read our Accountability Policy in full please click here. We are a fully registered non-profit (CHY10103) which means we are regulated by the charities regulator and all our funds are recorded in our annual finance reports.

Our products are sourced from local Irish businesses and from individual sellers. To see where a specific product is from, simply click on the sellers name and it will take you to their store page.

All payments are processed and handled securely through Stripe. Stripe was founded by 2 Irish brothers and they have quickly become one of the largest payment processors in the world. They are renowned for their safety and security. So, you can relax knowing your details are safe.

Delivery & Shipping

A seller will decide if they want their product to be available for local pick-up only or if they want to add a shipping option. To read more about delivery and shipping click here.

Delivery costs are set individually by our sellers and will be visible to you when you enter your address. 

You can change your delivery address at any time in your account or during the checkout process. However, as we process our orders really quickly, it is not possible to change your delivery address after your order has been placed. If you have made a mistake with your order, please get in touch with us as soon as possible and we will try to resolve the issue.

If your item has been delayed, we recommend you should get in touch directly with your seller. Most delivery companies offer tracking and your seller should be able to let you know where your item is.

Returns & Refunds

We hope that all our customers are happy with the products they receive through this site, but if you require a refund simple click “request warranty” under the orders tab. Click here to read more about our returns policy

Shop with peace of mind on DoGood. We offer a 14 day money back guarantee on products sold. We can do this as we do not pay out to our sellers until after this period. This means that if you are unhappy, you can return items even to individual sellers. To read more about our money back guarantee click here.

We advise all our customers to read our refund policy carefully before purchasing. You can read it here.

Customer Support

You can get in touch with us here. Or, feel free to drop us a message on any of our social media accounts.

Generally, you can expect a response within the same working day. However, we’re all pretty addicted to checking our emails and phones so most of the time we may get back to you even quicker.

We’ve made an entire collections of tutorials to help our users get the most out of our site. If you’re having an issue, it’s likely covered here. If you have a more specific issue, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re here to help.

If you have any other questions or queries you would like to ask you can send them in here. Questions about the meaning of life and other deep philosophical questions are our favourites, but you can ask us anything related to DoGood too. 

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