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Silver Clutch #556
Black Leather Studded Clutch #555
Blue Shoulder Bag with Gold Chain #554
River Island Clutch with a magnetic clasp and zip #803
Black & White Bag with Black Handles
Burgundy Madeira Cap #80
Black leather handbag with gold chain detail and clasp #635
Michael Kors camo design leather handbag #634
Gold decorated handbag with chain strap #632
Cream and black clutch bag #631
black, gold and cream handbag with chain strap #630
Black sequin clutch bag #629
Black and gold design shoulder bag #627
Cream, beige and black plaid scarf #626
Patterned scarf #625
Faux fur backpack #624
Tartan breton cap #622
Turquoise bum-bag #621

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